Kia Picanto





Large bag



12L/100 km


Exterior Colorblack

Engine Capacity1000-1300cc

Interior Colorgray

Fuel Typesgazoline


Air Conditionertrue




Kia Picanto

Among the most popular in our compact car category, the Kia Picanto car rental comes with full insurance for driving in Israel and Palestinian Territories (A,B,C) of the West Bank seamlessly.

Ideal for navigating and parking in congested areas, this compact car size is ideal for individual or small group of travelers up to 4 people with limited luggage sizes. The cars are available for pickup and drop-off in Jerusalem at no additional charge. Drop-off at Ben Gurion Tel Aviv Airport is possible at an additional charge.

Exact model, year and color are subject to availability, and maybe substituted with another equivalent model of the same body type and class category.

Following for FREE:

Free cancellation
Theft Protection
Liability Insurance
Full Insurance in Israel
Full Insurance in Palestinian Territories (A,B,C) of the West Bank
Pickup & Drop-off in Jerusalem
$65.00 /day

The minimum rental period is 3 days. Adjust the above dates to enable booking.

Additional Options:

Total: $
Pay now: $
Balance due at pickup: $
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Important Information


Prices do not include V.A.T

Collateral at the front desk

A car renter is required to provide a deposit of 1000$ upon receipt of the car. The mortgage will be returned after the end of the lease, if all conditions are fulfilled. Alternatively, a pre-authorized credit card can be used instead.

Mileage / Kilometers

Your rental includes an unlimited number of free miles if it meets the minimum rental period.

Age requirements

The minimum rental age for this car is 24 years.

Getting a car

Passport or ID and valid credit card  is required. An international driver’s license is required if the national driver’s license is not printed in English.

Payment methods

The primary driver must have a credit card in his / her name when picking up the car. The card must have sufficient funds available to cover the amount of the deductible / down payment (which will be blocked on the card during the rental).

Cancellation Policy

The deposit is  90% refundable, and modifications are free of charge, if processed up to 10 days before the date of the car pickup.


Insurance coverage

All cars offered are fully insured for use in Israel and the West Bank Palestinian Territories (A, B, C). In the event of an accident, if the renter is found to be at fault, they will be liable to pay insurance file opening fees up to $1000.


Immediately contact the police to complete an accident report and then notify rental operator within 24 hours of the accident. In most incidents, you will need to return to the rental office to complete an accident report for the operator’s records and your own. This report is for both parties’ protection.